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About Us

Gatherer Outfitters is Your Bay Area Fishing Family


Our Story

We are a Bay Area fishing family. Capt Adam and Eleza run Gatherer Outfitters trips together and fish and forage commercially with our 3 children. We run our fishing trips to bring the joy, challenge, adventure and satisfaction of hunting and gathering to anyone with interest. We sell our seafood wholesale and directly to our Bay Area Community. 


Captain Adam has worked as commercial fisherman for over 15 years, operating one of the top rod and reel boats in the SF Bay. As a commercial highliner, he made a successful career bringing in top numbers of halibut, salmon and ling cod on hook and line. Captain Adam is the best 6-pack captain for your serious angeling needs, putting his clients directly on the fish and providing the pro-secrets and techniques for limit filling and record setting days on the water. You can expect kindness, clear instruction and kid friendly teaching style from Captain Dadam, along with pounds of professionally filleted seafood to take home at the end of the day. 


We are always happy to customize a trip on a boat for any special needs and wishes for our clients and are eager and available to chat about all aspects of fishing and ocean adventures on the Gatherer II. 

Meet The Family

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